100 Club

Our “Hundred Club” has been an essential fundraiser for the club for several years. It is a brilliant way to support a community cricket club and give yourself a chance of winning a super cash prize at the end of every month. Ten pounds per month will secure your entry into the draw and the more people who enter the draw the bigger the prize pot. The monthly money we collect is divided 50/50 between the club and the prize pot. The prize pot is then split 50/30/20% so you have three chances to win a prize! Thank you for supporting the club and good luck!

Season 2021 Winners
Month1st Prize2nd Prize3rd Prize
April (£115/69/46)N Walmsley V WalshL Coulson
MayA JacksonS JonesA Fazakerley





Nov (£125/£75/£50)
N McGuffog

A Jackson

M Owen

C Turner

B Evans

G Robinson
B Sharp

V Armstrong

W Grant

M Owen

N Walmsley

G Spencer
D Adamson

C Walsh

M Owen

V Walsh

E Turner

R Cotton