Practice Net Booking

COVID -19 Practice Limitations

The club and nets will be open from March 29th for all members to enjoy the field. All fully paid seniors and juniors may use the nets in line with the following guidance.

  1. You may only use the practice facilities if you are fully paid up member – this means you have already paid full senior player subs for the 2021 season, full season Junior subs or the Associate Member rate and do not owe any membership fees from last season (you can pay your membership in the online club shop)
  2. Lane Two shall be closed
  3. Guests are not permitted to use the nets.
  4. Associate Members must pay £5.00 per person per hour for a net booking.
  5. Associate Members may book the nets to a maximum of three times per week. Full Members are not subject to limitations on the number of times they may use the nets.
  6. There is to be a maximum of four people per net until social distance measures are lifted.
  7. Persons from a different household will be limited to training in pairs maintaining social distancing rules.
  8. There is no use of the club’s bowling machine due to difficulties in sanitising the equipment before and after use
  9. Training sessions in the nets shall be limited to one hour unless there are no bookings in the time slot however 10 minutes must be allocated out of that hour for cleaning of the net.
  10. Training shall only be permitted with a booked and authorised timeslot on the schedule below
  11. Players who use the nets must use their own cricket balls and agree that no saliva or sweat shall be used to shine the ball
  12. There is to be no indoor activity at all.
  13. A member of management or cricket committee must be present when the nets are open for use and the person making the booking must make arrangements for supervision (Contact Director of Cricket or Junior Manager)
  14. Players must bring their own hand sanitizer for use before and after sessions
  15. Toilet facilities will remain closed
  16. Anyone using the nets must show no symptoms of COVID-19, these include a high temperature, a new dry cough, fever etc
  17. By booking the net you accept that you will follow these guidelines and the club accepts no resonsibility should you start to show symptoms or contract COVID-19
  18. Your booking will be approved by management and if you do not cancel your booking within 24hrs before the hand you will be invoiced following the session.
  19. Cash payments will not be accepted. You must pay online and will receive an invoice after your net session
  20. The person making the booking is responsible for making payment which must be made 24 hours before your session. Your session will not be approved without payment
  21. It is your responsibility to arrange a supervisor for your session. if you have not already arranged for someone from Management or Cricket Committee please contact Guy Robinson (07879 623 390 or
  22. In the event of cancellation due to bad weather no refund shall be given however you can book another date and time
  23. Please do not arrive at the club until 10 mins before your booking.
  24. If you show symptoms or contract COVID after training please inform the club ASAP

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