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Young Talent Shining Bright at the Boundary

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Stretford’s U13s team began their cricket schedule this week with a home friendly vs local rivals Urmston. The team contained an exciting blend of new, young and more experienced but more important; bags of potential.

In a “Pairs” cricket format, where every player bats and bowls, Stretford found themselves in defecit of the starting score of 200 following a difficult opening spell from the Urmston attack however the ship was steadied by the middle order. New all rounder Zayaan scored a sensible 12 runs with youngster Natasha playing a supporting role.

With 4 overs remaining in the first innings Stretford were poised at 227. Skipper Jamie and new partner Evan strode into the middle with purpose. With clear calling, fluent stoke play and positive mentality Stretford pushed the score up to 260. The highlight of the innings was Evan’s Gilchrist-like like slog sweep for 6 over deep mid wicket.

However, Stretford’s work was not complete. Urmston’s long batting order with an abundance of talent was not going to be any easy to subdue. Opening bowler Oliver boosted the young lions hopes with a wicket with fourth ball. A great start.

Natasha also bowled a superb 2 overs bowling Urmston’s opening batsman through the gate with some tricky leg spin. With Urmston 213 after 4 overs victory was not assured. New all rounder Evan, turned up the heat bowling his 12 balls for just 2 runs.

The Stretford attack was nothing short of brilliant. Charlie bowling a very aggressive 2 overs picking up 2 vital wickets in the middle. Despite their inexperience in match situations Eesa and Blake also bowled at a crucial time and managed to bowl to a set plan which showed real maturity at a young age.

As many experts stress you don’t win as individuals you win as a team and throughout the entire innings Stretford’s fielding was in a class of its own. 5 run outs from the team was a vital element of the team’s success and should be applauded and used as our benchmark. Every players application of skills they have learned and practiced came to the fore when the team needed it.

The two “death” bowlers Jamie and Zayaan showed excellence towards the close of the match going for just a net total of 7 runs which woudl help to win any game of cricket.

All in all a fantastic game of cricket played in a safe and friendly environment.

If your child wants to be a part of Stretford’s junior section, we welcome you all to Monday night trainings. We have a special Covid sign up rate and interactive sessions for all age groups.
Robert Renforth

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  1. Love this write up! Congrats to the team!

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